Author Kay WhitakerKay Whitaker was born in Fort Worth, Texas. She is a fifth-generation native Texan. Kay graduated from Texas Christian University in 1974. Growing up she lived in several different locations due to her father’s occupation. Becoming a Christian at an early age, she depended on her faith to see her through many times of adversity. She worked as a teacher, and then later in life became a Registered Nurse – her dream job. She has been retired for 14 years, and recently felt the call and challenge from the Lord to share her story.


“This book is an inspiration to THRIVING and Surviving through the hard things that life throws at us, some of our own making, some that come from what seem totally out of the blue.  Whatever the case, what we do with our challenges truly defines our character and determines our future. A well worthwhile read that I can personally recommend, having seen a lot of it in Kay’s personal life experience.”

DONALD CROSBIE, CEO, CFO, Church Pastor/minister, Counsellor, Mentor,
Life Coach, World traveler to over 80 countries, Dallas, Texas