Flourish Because is the memoir of Kay Whitaker, a person whose name is not recognizable and who has no claim to fame. This is a story of dashed hopes, faith restored, dreams fulfilled, and ultimately a woman’s quest for truth.

While the author understood early on that, for her life to change, she had to change – the question remained, but how? Repeated mistakes and choices with tragic circumstances are what led her to a place where she ultimately learned it is God Who leads, and it is her choice to follow. With every experience she discovers from where her strength comes. She learns how not to be overrun by dysfunctional people who come into her life. She learns to say “no.” She learns to overcome and flourish in life when all else tells her to settle and wallow in her failures.

We all share life’s major events… birth, death, love, marriage, children, work. Our choices and responses to the circumstances that come and go in our life determine our level of satisfaction. When it is all said and done, what is left is – YOU. What are your choices? Are you going to keep treading in the same circle with no relief or are you going to say, “Yes, I want to start ‘flourishing’ in life”?

“Life is full of twists and turns, tears, and lots of craziness.
We’ve learned, thanks to the grace of God, how to do this thing called ‘LIFE’.
Just keep flourishing in whatever comes your way because
He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!”

Kay Whitaker